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Error "Your account is locked" displayed when trying to login to the Enterprise Server
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If you receive an error message specifying your Enterprise Server login has been locked, you will be unable to login to the Enterprise Server until your account has been unlocked, even if you are using the correct password.

You can unlock an ES login using any other login with the System Admin role, or with a custom role which allows access to the Enterprise Server control panel and the control panel logins tab.

If you do not have access to any other login with sufficient permissions, or the built-in default system admin login is locked and it is the only login, you can unlock the built-in default system admin login by following this article

If however you are still able to login using a different login, then you should firstly navigate to the Enterprise Server control panel.

Select the logins panel, then select the login you wish to edit.

Once the login has been selected, select the Edit Login button at the bottom right of the screen.

This will show the edit login window.

To unlock the login, uncheck the Account Locked check box. If you wish to force the user to change their password at next login, make sure the Must Change Password option is also checked. You may also set a new password if the current password is not known.


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