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How do I transfer an FDE'd managed user to a different ESET Endpoint Encryption Server?
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Note: Systems encrypted using the TPM can be tranferred and will only need you to follow the below instructions until step 3. However, it is only possible for Workstations using the TPM to be decrypted via the EEE Server after the transfer has been complete, once decrypted it will become fully managable allowing you to re-encrypt.

If you previously had a situation where your ESET Endpoint Encryption (ESET) Server was being controlled as part of a managed service and you have either taken on the managing of your own EEE Server or have transferred it to another Managed Service Provider, you can transfer the FDE'd machines to the new EEE Server by carrying out the following steps;

Step 1. Check FDE Credentials

Ensure you have the correct Admin login details for the Workstation's Full Disk Encryption (FDE) preboot authentication login screen. We recommend testing these details on the Workstation by logging into the FDE preboot authentication screen with the Admin credentials and booting to Windows successfully.


Step 2. Apply the new Workstation Settings File

From the EEE Server, click on ‘Workstation’ in the left hand pane and in the right hand window click on the ‘Workstation Policy’ tab and click the ‘Download Settings File’ button. Save the .reg file to a memory stick or network location which the client machine will be able to access. Copy the .reg file to the client machine and click it to run it. When asked ‘If you want to make changes to the registry’ click ‘Yes’, then reboot the workstation.


Step 3. Reset Activation 

Follow this article to reset the activation:

KB383 - How to reset the activation process of a managed client

Step 4. Adopt the Workstation 

To 'adopt' the Workstation follow these steps:

  • In the EEE Server navigate to the User, select Details and click Workstations.

See: KB332 - How do I view Workstation Details?

  • Select the workstation and then click Goto.

  • When the Workstation Details are displayed, click the Adopt button.

  • Input the old admin details, new admin details, password attempt settings then click the Adopt button. If required the existing admin password can be reused.

  • First synchronize the Client PC and then synchronize the EEE Server 

See: How do I manually synchronise the ESET Endpoint Encryption Server and ESET Endpoint Encryption client?

  • Once the EEE Server has synchronized you should see an alert in the lower right corner which reads 'Adopt FDE command processed successfully'.
  • The client machine will now be controlled by the EEE Server.

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