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How do I set up my ESET Endpoint Encryption Server?
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This article explains how to install the ESET Endpoint Encryption (EEE) Server. If you are trying to setup EEE in a Standalone capacity, please follow this article:

KB124 - Getting started with ESET Endpoint Encryption (Installation and licensing)


The simplest way to setup the EEE Server is to use the all-in-one pre-install package available from our downloads page. This pre-install includes the EEE Server and all the necessary pre-requisites such as SQL, Apache, PHP etc.

Download and run the pre-install, click Start when prompted. 


Once the EEE Server and pre-requisites are installed click Launch to move on to the setup wizard in your default browser.


Choose an appropriate language and click Next.


In the next window, checking the Advanced checkbox allows you to specify your own SQL server. In most cases this can be ignored as the pre-install will setup an SQL instance automatically for you.

Next you will be asked to specify the default System Administrator username and password. 

Next you will be asked to set the name of your initial Organisation (Org) and the Proxy ID. The Proxy ID will have been provided as part of your Enterprise Server licence details.

Click Finish on the final screen.

You will presented with the EEE Server login screen. You can login using the System Administrator username and password which you've just set during the set-up wizard.

Once logged into the EEE Server, there are some additonal configuration tasks detailed here: - Getting started with the ESET Endpoint Encryption Server

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