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Starting Full Disk Encryption on systems with RAID controllers
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ESET Endpoint Encryption (EEE) client v4.6.4 or older provides limited compatibility with RAID controllers when using Full Disk Encryption.

This has been improved in clients v4.7.x onwards.


If you are starting encryption on a client directly and seeing the following warning:


"ESET Endpoint Encryption has detected you are encrypting a RAID array, or disk attached to a controller configured in RAID mode.

This may be supported depending on your controller and it is important that you read our support article first.

The article is located at KB11 - Starting Full Disk Encryption on systems with RAID controllers "


Please upgrade your client to the latest version before attempting encryption again.


The same error can be reported by the EEE Server when attempting Full Disk Encryption.  In this case you will need to update your Enterprise Server to v2.5.x or later and use client v4.7.x or later.

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