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How can I stop the login box being shown automatically when I start Windows? (Enterprise Server Managed)
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This article details the options for users on workstations that are managed by an Enterprise Server.  If your system is standalone please see this article: KB59 - How can I stop the login box being shown automatically when I start Windows? (Standalone).


When an activated user loads their Windows user profile the DESlock+ Login Box will appear.  It is possible to prevent the need to enter this password each time the Windows profile loads by enabling the Auto-Login feature.


Initial Activation

When a user first activates DESlock+ they are asked to specify a password.  This process includes the chance to enable an option called Use auto-login feature. 

The availability of this option and the default state are configured by the Enterprise Server workstation policy settings Allow Key-File auto login and Enable Key-file auto login by default.  These settings are part of the Key-File Settings section of workstation policy.  Please see this article for details of changing workstation policy: KB229 - How do I modify workstation policy?


Existing Activated User

If the user chose not to use the feature when activating or the workstation policy has been updated since activation the auto-login feature can be enabled by following the steps below:

  • Right click on the DESlock+ icon in the Notification Area (also known as the System Tray) and click Change Password

  • At this point you will be presented with the following window, you will need to change your DESlock+ login password and ensure that you have set the tick box next to Auto logon with this password at startup then click OK. Now when you log into Windows, you will automatically log into DESlock+ too.


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