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How to use the DESlock+ Shredder?
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The DESlock+ Shredder is for use when deleting sensitive data that may be retreived using the conventional Recycle Bin or other OS deletion methods.

The DESlock+ Shredder makes sensitive data unreadable even if retreived.

The DESlock+ Shredder may use one of four methods to shred files. Either writing a cryptographically secure random number stream over the file, or applying the Gutmann algorithm which implements a file erasing method as described in Secure Deletion of Data from Magnetic and Solid-State Memory, or using the US Department of Defence 5220.22-M standard for sanitising data.


To shred files you can either:

1. Drag the files/folders you wish to shred onto the DESlock+ Shredder icon located on the Desktop or

2. Right Click the files/folders you wish to shred and Click 'Send to DESlock+ Shredder'.



You will then be asked to confirm that you want to shred the data you've selected.


Note: Once shredded you will not be able to get this data back.


Shredder Options

You can select the DESlock+ Shredder options by Right Clicking the DESlock+ Shredder Icon then Click 'Settings'...


Once you have selected the shred pattern, Click Ok.



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