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How to manually update your licence
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This article applies to unmanaged (standalone) installations only. On managed licencing is performed by the administrator through the ESET Endpoint Encryption Server (EEE).

If you have purchased an update to your EEE licence, you will need to synchronise your licence with your software.

  • Ensure you are logged in to EEE, please see here for details of checking if you are logged in: How do I login to or logout of ESET Endpoint Encryption?
  • Ensure you have the Product ID and Product Key which was emailed to you when you were issued your licence. If you have forgotten your Product ID or Product Key the click here for how to recover them.
  • Right click on the ESET Endpoint Encryption Icon in the Notification Area (also known as a the System Tray), select Licence, then Licence Wizard.

  • When the window pops up, enter the Product ID and Product Key into the relevant boxes and click Next.


  • Follow the steps through the wizard. The process will sync with the EEE licensing Server and the updated licence details will be applied. 

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