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I have just bought a new computer/laptop, how do I access my encrypted files/folders on my new workstation?
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To access your encrypted files and folders on your new machine, you can restore a Key-File backup previously created on the old machine.

If you do not have a backup follow the steps in How do I backup my Key-File? to create a backup in either a network location accessible on both machines, as a file you can send by email or transfer manually on a USB flash drive.

Install ESET Endpoint Encryption on your new workstation. Once installation has completed and you have rebooted the ESET Endpoint Encryption login box will be shown at Windows startup.

Login dialog box

Use the Restore option and select the location of the backup file (tokenstore.dat)

Once the Key-File backup has been restored the login box will appear as per usual, and you will be able to log in to ESET Endpoint Encryption.

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