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How do I delete a Workstation from my ESET Endpoint Encryption Server
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When deleting a Workstation from your ESET Endpoint Encryption (EEE) Server, please make sure the Workstation is no longer required to be managed by the encryption server before deleting it.

If you delete a Workstation from your EEE Server it will not remove the encryption on the deleted machine, the client machine will function as normal. If you need to decrypt and remove a machine from your Server, please ensure you decrypt via normal means before you delete it.


To delete a machine from your EEE Server please firstly login to your EEE Server console and find the Workstation you would like to delete


Once you have found the Workstation you would like to delete, please find it within your EEE Server, select it and click the Delete button in the panel above the Workstation list.  


An alert box will appear prompting the user that the Workstation has activated users. If a user is active upon the machine the client machine will not be affected by the deletion however the EEE Server will be unable to send any commands to that Workstation due to the client system not being in the console. You will also be unable to provide the Workstation with recovery codes and a recovery ISO since it’s no longer in the console.



To proceed please click the Yes button. You will then you will need to enter your EEE Server account password to confirm the deletion of the Workstation . Once this has been correctly supplied the Workstation will be deleted from the EEE Server.


In the event of a user accidentally deleting a Full Disk Encrypted Workstation from the EEE Server you will need to adopt the system. To adopt a Workstation please follow this article - KB368 - How to adopt a deleted Full Disk Encrypted Workstation (managed)


In the event of a user accidentally deleting a non-Full Disk Encrypted Workstation from the EEE Server you will need to reset the activation of the user. To reset the activation of a user please follow this article - KB383 - How to reset the activation process of a managed client


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