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How can a Virtual Disk be automatically mounted/unmounted when logging in/out of the Key-File?
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When creating a Virtual Disk using the Virtual Disk Manager, at step 3, you will be given the option to mount or unmount the virtual disk when loggin in or out of ESET Endpoint Encryption.

If you have alread created a Virtual Disk and you wish to amend its mounting settings, then right-click on the ESET Endpoint Encryption icon in the Notification area and select Virtual Disk then click on Virtual Disk Manager.

You will be presented with the Virtual Disk Manager. Simply highlight the Virtual Disk you wish to alter the behaviour of and then click on the Options button. 

You will be presented with the Mount Options dialog, where you will be able to amend how your Virtual Disk behaves when you log in or out of the ESET Endpoint Encryption Key-File.

Once you have made your changes, click OK

Finally, click Close on the Virtual Disk Manager to exit and save your new settings.

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