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Why cant I decrypt messages in Reader?
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When a user tries to open an encrypted message in ESET Endpoint Encrytion Reader from Outlook the following error appears 

"The text could not be decrypted because it is not a supported or valid format" 


The encrypted file is a "bundle" file. Bundle files are currently not supported in DESlock+ Reader (v1.1 and earlier).


To solve this issue, the sender must disable "Mobile device compatibility" in the ESET Endpoint Encryption Outlook add-in.

The are two ways in which you can achieve this, locally through the Outlook application and/or for managed users you can adjust it in the ESET Endpoint Encryption Server via Workstation Policy.


Step 1 - Within Outlook navigate to the ESET Endpoint Encryption tab along the top and click the Options button, as shown in the screenshot below.


Step 2 - Uncheck the "Mobile device compatibility" check box. 

ESET Endpoint Encryption via Workstation Policy - 

Step 1 - Change "Mobile device compatibility" policy in the Workstation Policy to "Forced off" or "User changeable, defaults Off", the screenshot below shows where the policy has been set to "Forced off".

Step 2 - Update the Workstation Policy for the affected users.


Note: After changing the option the user will need to send the email again for the changes to take effect. 


For steps on how to change/update a Workstation Policy please refer to this article KB229 - How do I modify workstation policy?


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