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ESET Endpoint Encryption Server - Generating Reports
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This can be used to generate reports about your organisation to view information such as: Organisation details, keys, licences, users and the workstations.

Reports can be generated in three different forms, they can be generated in ESET Endpoint Encryption (EEE) Server window, downloaded as files such as CSV and PDF.

 What report do you want to generate?


To access reporting, click your organization and reporting tab as shown on screenshot below. Also select one of the options which you want to generate your report in.




Click organization details to view details about the organization, image below shows Run in Window option.




Click Keys details to view details about the Encryption Keys and Users and their Encryption Keys.

Example below shows a generated report of Encryption Keys and Groups. 



 Example below shows a generated report of Users with Encryption Keys, filter allows to generate a report based on a team. 




Click Licences details to view details about what type of licences your users have and what licences are being used.

Example on the screenshots below shows the licences reports being generated, this section of the reporting can display information such as the type of licence for each user, as well as what licences are being used and the remaining licences.





Click Users details to view details about activation codes, status, associated workstations with users and RME policy for users

Activation Codes

Generate report to show list of activation codes and the email address that they belong to. Type of the licence is also included in the report.




User Status

Example below of generated report User Status which displays the information about the users and their status.




Users And Associated Workstations

Example below displays Users and Associated Workstation that the user is active on.



RME Policy for Users

Example below displays RME Policy for Users, this can be filtered to a single team or all users within the organization.




Worksation Reports

Click Workstation details to view details about workstation in different state such as: Encrypted, Encrypting, Not Encrypted, Encryption Status, Extended Status, ESET Endpoint Encryption Client Version.

Encryption Status

View all of your machines FDE status, view the workstation and status that the machine is in.



Extended Encryption Status

 Report below shows Extended Encryption Status which displays information such as when FDE command was posted, started and completed.




ESET Endpoint Encryption Client Version

Generate report which shows the version of ESET Endpoint Encryption, as this can be beneficial to ensure all of your machines are up to date.

(If a machine does an auto-update in the background, this report can be inaccurate, unless a command has been sent to the workstation)





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