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How do I update users Key-File after changes?
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Once you have updated your policy, you will need to post a Key-File to the client machine for changes to take place.

Everyone in the Organisation

To do so, click Users, on the right-hand side click the drop-down to filter your search. Select Requires Key-File Update & Include Sub Teams

Once you apply the filter, you will see the users that require Key-File Update.


Once your users are displayed, click on the highlighted Post Key-File to post the update to the client machines.

(Ensure no users are selected to Post Key-File to all users that are filtered, if any user is selected, de-select using CTRL+ LEFT MouseClick on the user) (Match user Key-File number to number of users in organisation)


To a Specific Team

 Click on the team that you wish to Post a Key-File to, click highlighted Post Key-File to post update to your client machine.

To a Specific User

Select the desired user by performing a search, then push the Key-File to the user. Click on the option shown highlighted in the screenshot below.

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