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How to adjust the graphical pre-boot FDE login screen
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Important: It is NOT possible to adjust the graphical pre-boot if you are using OPAL encryption.


If you need to modify the settings of the graphical pre-boot FDE login screen, then the following tool can be used from within Windows.

The ESET FDE UEFI Options tool can be downloaded here:

ESET FDE UEFI Options Tool v1.0.0.15

The tool requires Administrator rights (elevated access) in order to run. 

The tool looks like this:

UEFI options defaults


Setting details:

Force Text Mode

Changes the pre-boot FDE login screen to the 'old' text based login screen. The differences can be seen in the screenshots in this article:

KB464 - Why do I not see the new graphical FDE login screen?

Allow Screenshot

Allows the user to take screenshots of the pre-boot FDE login screen by pressing F9 on their keyboard. The screenshot is saved as a PNG and can be found in the EFI\deslock\ directory.

Force On Screen Keyboard

Can be toggled to force the on screen keyboard to be displayed in the pre-boot FDE login screen even if no touch screen is detected.

Use Poll Events

Poll for events, instead of using the UEFI event mechanism. 

Show Logo

Toggles the ESET logo displayed after entering FDE credentials to boot Windows. Not to be confused with the banner displayed above the main control.

The logo appears like this:


If you want to change the banner logo, please read this article:

KB451 - How to customise the ESET Endpoint Encryption FDE login screen

Idle Shutdown

Shutdown the system after x seconds of idle time. 0 = off, max = 7200 (2 hours). Idle means no keypress or touch input.

Idle timer is not active on TPM unlock countdown screen, or Safestart screen.


Can be adjusted to force the pre-boot FDE login screen to be displayed in a certain way, such as portrait or landscape. F8 can be pressed while in the pre-boot FDE login screen to rotate the screen.


Can be used to adjust the zoom at the FDE pre-boot login screen.

Max Screen

Can be adjusted to force the pre-boot FDE login screen to be drawn in a specified resolution.


If the user experiences a problem then support may request a specific value be entered here, to help diagnose issues with the pre-boot FDE login screen.

Command Line Options

A non interactive command line configuration allows batch based changes using the following switches:

Screenshot=(on/off) Enable hotkey (F9) for taking screenshots of the bootloader display.
PollEvents=(on/off) Poll for events. Solves issue with slow input response on some hardware.
ForceTextMode=(on/off)  Start in text mode.
ForceOSK=(on/off) Force on screen keyboard to always display.
ShowLogo=(on/off) Show logo while booting operating system.
Rotate=(90/80/270) Force GUI to a specific rotation. Pass 90, 180 or 270 as following parameter.
IdleShutdown=(# seconds) Time before shutdown happens at login screen when left idle. Pass the number of seconds as following parameter.
MaxScreenWidth=(# pixels) Fix maximum horizontal resolution. Pass number of pixels as the following parameter
MaxScreenHeight=(# pixels) Fix maximum vertical resolution. Pass number of pixels as the following parameter
Remove  Remove configuration completely.

Example usage:

uefiopt_v1.0.0.15.exe PollEvents=on StartLogo=off IdleShutdown=100

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