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Installing Windows 10 Feature Updates on an Full Disk Encrypted (FDE) system
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Upgrading from Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or from an earlier version of Windows 10 to the latest Windows 10 Feature update.

Please note: As of The Creators Update (build 1703), users can convert the boot mode of their system from MBR to UEFI in place.
This is not supported by DESlock+.



When installing a Windows 10 Feature Update, the process fails saying it "Can't install updates".

When the Windows Update and Security Settings panel is displayed it details that "We found some issues.  Select this message to fix and finish updating".

If the Fix issues button is clicked, Windows Update loads and explains it "Couldn't install Windows 10 - DESlock+ Disable encryption to continue or run Windows Setup with the /reflectdrivers command-line option".


Due to the way major upgrades of Windows 10 are performed, the update process runs in the same manner as if doing an in place upgrade from an older version of Windows to Windows 10. On a system that has Full Disk Encryption (FDE) in place the upgrade is prevented from accessing the disk as it does not come with the required drivers.  The Windows 10 updater realises this, resulting in the warning dialog being seen.

Solution 1:

The upgrade process is seamless in DESlock+ Client version 4.9.0 and onwards. This means you can install Windows Feature updates via the normal means.

Please upgrade DESlock+ following one of the articles below:

KB203 - How to upgrade DESlock+ (managed)

KB209 - How to upgrade DESlock+ (standalone)

Once DESlock+ has been updated to 4.9.0, simply search for 'Check for updates' in the Start Menu and follow the shortcut to the Windows Settings.



Solution 2:

If you cannot upgrade to DESlock+ 4.9.0, then you can manually install Windows Feature Updates by following this article:

KB462 - How to manually install Windows 10 Feature Updates on an Full Disk Encrypted (FDE) system

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