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How to adopt a deleted Full Disk Encrypted Workstation (managed)
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If a Workstation has been accidently deleted from the ESET Endpoint Encryption (EEE) Server and you would like to retake control over it then please follow these steps.

Step 1. Check FDE Credentials

Ensure you have the correct Admin login details for the Workstation's Full Disk Encryption (FDE) preboot authentication login screen. We recommend testing these details on the Workstation by logging into the FDE preboot authentication screen with the Admin credentials and booting to Windows successfully.

Step 2. Reset Activation 

Follow this article to reset the activation:

KB383 - How to reset the activation process of a managed client

Step 3. Adopt the Workstation 

To 'adopt' the Workstation follow these steps:

  • In the EEE Server navigate to the User, select Details and click Workstations.

See: KB332 - How do I view Workstation Details?


  • Select the Workstation and then click Goto
  • When the Workstation Details are displayed, click the Adopt button.

 Adopt button

  • Input the previous FDE Admin credentials, new Admin credentials and password attempts, then click the Adopt button. 

Adopt Admin Box


  • Synchronise the Workstation and then synchronise the EEE Server 

See: KB195 - How do I manually synchronise the ESET Endpoint Encryption Client and Server?


  • Once the EEE Server has synchronised you should see an alert in the lower right corner which reads 'FDE Adopt' completed successfully.

Adopt Notification

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