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Forgotten Password - Key-File (standalone)
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If you are a standalone user (are not managed by the ESET Endpoint Encryption Server) and have forgotten your Key-File password, there is no recovery application or method which can be applied to reset your password and regain access to your encrypted documents. 


However, if you can remember your old password and you have a Key-File backup relating to that password, you can restore your Key-File to your saved backup and your password will be reverted to your old password.

For information on how to restore your Key-File, please see our relevant knowledgebase article here: KB134 - How do I restore my Key-File?.

If you do not have an old password and you cannot remember your password then you will not be able to regain access to your encrypted documents. Support can not help you to recover your Key-File.


If you have granular data which you no longer need access to or will be deleting, you can delete your Key-File and setup a new one.

Please see our relevant knowledgebase article here: KB45 - How can I delete a Key-File?

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