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Forgotten Password - Full Disk Encryption (standalone)
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If you have forgotten your Full Disk Encryption password and your system is standalone the following steps will allow you to recover access:

  • You will need to locate the adminpassword.txt or adminpassword.htm (please note that this is the default name, at the point of initially saving the file you may have renamed it) which you had to save to an external storage device or network drive before you could start Full disk Encryption of your machine.
  • Once you have located your adminpassword.txt or adminpassword.htm, you will need to open the document using another computer, and use the admin username (which is admin) and password to bypass the Full Disk Encryption boot loader screen.

Screen that will prompt you to save this password.

FDE pre-boot login screen.

  • Once Windows has loaded, you will need to change your FDE password so that you can access your machine next time.
  • To do this, you can see our relevant knowledgebase article by clicking here.

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