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Uninstalling ESET Endpoint Encryption
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Please note that once ESET Endpoint Encryption has been uninstalled all data which is encrypted will not be accessible. All fixed disks encrypted using Full Disk Encryption must be decrypted before uninstalling.

  • Windows 10 users - Right click on Windows icon and then click Apps and Features.

  • Search ESET Endopint Encryption in the list.


  • Select ESET Endpoint Encryption in the list of software.
  • Click Uninstall.

  • Once the process is complete you will be prompted to restart Windows.  Ensure you save any work then click Yes to restart Windows or click No to restart later to complete the uninstall process.


If your system is managed by an Enterprise Server and the option for managed uninstall has been set, the uninstall process is slightly different, see here for details: KB319 - What is the Managed Uninstall option?

Uninstalling and reinstalling the software will not remove your Key-File or licence information.  This is intentional to allow the user to upgrade or remove the software temporarily without affecting their licence or access to encrypted granular data.

You should not uninstall if you have forgotten your Key-File password.  Instead follow the guide here: KB336 - Forgotten Password - Key-File (standalone)



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