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What is the Managed Uninstall option?
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The Managed Uninstall option allows an administrator to prevent users managed by an ESET Enterprise (EEE) Server from uninstalling the EEE client software from the machine even if those users have administrative rights to the machine.


Enabling Managed Uninstall

When downloading a merged install or pushing an install set the checkbox Enabled Managed Uninstall Mode

When using this setting you can also enter an Optional Password.  The optional password will be needed if you wish to remove the software from a machine which has not been activated against the EEE Server.


An MSI packaged downloaded with the Managed Uninstall option enabled will contain the words Managed Uninstall in the filename e.g. ESET Endpoint Encryption (64bit) 5.0.1 ENU  - My Company (Managed Uninstall).msi



To uninstall software that has the managed uninstall option enabled follow the steps below:

  • Open the Windows Programs and Features control panel.
  • Select the ESET Endpoint Encryption entry in the list of software.
  • Click the Change button.

  • When the Setup Wizard displays click the Next button to proceed past the introduction text.
  • Click the Remove button.

  • The Setup Wizard will prompt for the uninstall code.  You can either enter the optional code if it was specified when the software install was created or an uninstall code from the EEE Server specific to the workstation (see below).

  • Enter the requested code then click Next to proceed through the uninstall process.


Obtaining the Uninstall Code

In order to obtain the workstation specific uninstall code:

  • Login to the EEE Server.
  • Select the Workstations branch of the navigation tree.
  • Locate and select the Workstation that you wish to uninstall in the list of workstations.
  • Click the Details button.
  • Select the Tools\Uninstall Code menu item.
  • The uninstall code will be displayed.



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