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ESET Endpoint Encryption Internet access
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The ESET Endpoint Encryption (EEE) Server and Client software can at times require access to the EEE website.  The following sections detail the locations used by the software.  This will allow you to ensure any firewalls or filters are providing the correct access.


For workstations managed by an EEE Server, communications between the EEE Server and its managed Workstations are provided by the EEE Cloud.  Commands are sent from the EEE Server to the cloud where they wait for the workstations to collect them when they check with the cloud periodically.  Similarly responses back from the workstations detailing command completion are stored in the cloud for the EEE Server to pick up.

All communication packets are encrypted before being uploaded to the EEE cloud.

Using the EEE Cloud means the machines involved only need access to the Internet in order to be managed, this removes the extra effort of configuring firewalls, ports etc. if the clients had to connect directly.  It also has advantage that if the workstations or EEE Server are offline at any point they will catch up with messages from the cloud when they are next online.

In order for the workstations or EEE Server to be able communicate with the EEE Cloud they should be provided access to the following address:

If you wish to manually verify communications from a workstation to the EEE Cloud are working correctly, you can visit the above URL using Internet Explorer where a landing page should be displayed.  It is important that Internet Explorer is used for this check for it to be valid.

Local Proxy

There is a special build of the EEE Server which allows the hosting of a EEE Cloud in house alongside your EEE Server.  This allows workstations to communicate directly with their EEE Server without needing to reach the Internet/EEE cloud.  This is only used by customers with very specific requirements.  Even with the Local Proxy being used, Internet access will still be required by the EEE Server host machine for licence operations (as detailed in Managed licencing below).  If you believe you require a Local Proxy build of the EEE Server please contact support, detailing your requirement for further assistance.

ESET Endpoint Encryption Server Update 

If enabled the EEE Server will check in order to display notifications of new EEE Server releases becoming available.

Client Software Update

In order for updates of the client software to be provided, access is required to the following sites:

Checking for availability of client software updates:

Downloading of client software updates:

Standalone Licencing

For standalone clients which are not managed by an EEE Server, performing initial activation or renewing/upgrading a licence with the Licence Wizard will require access to the following website:

ESET Endpoint Encryption Server Managed Licencing

When performing licence operations in the EEE Server such as resyncing licences or generating a new user's first activation code, access to the following website will be required from the machine hosting the EEE Server:

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