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What to do when a users state is 'User requires an updated key-file'?
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Your user's icon is red in colour and the state listed for them is User requires an updated Key-File.



This status indicates that modifications have been made to the group policy settings of the user, or the encryption keys that they have been assigned.  The ESET Endpoint Encryption Server will not automatically push out changes, this is so that you can make multiple changes and push them together to the user as one update.

Providing you are aware of the changes that have been made and are happy with the new settings assigned to the user, you should use the Post Key-File button to send an update to the affected user(s) as detailed below.

  • If you want to post a key-file to all users, then simply do not highlight a user before pressing the Post Key-file button. Alternatively, you can individually select the user(s) you wish to update that have red coloured icons in the Users list. 
  • Click the Post Key-File button.

  • Click the Post button.

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