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Licence Tools - How to replace an existing licence or move users between licences
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Please Note: The steps described in this article relate the managed version of ESET Endpoint Encryption (EEE), using the EEE Server version 2.5.7 or later. It is not possible to replace a licence or migrate users with an earlier version, resync is supported in all versions. 


This article covers how to :


Resync an existing licence

If you have purchase an upgrade to an existing licence, your supplier will update your licence details and instruct you to resync your licence. This covers most normal scenarios, updating expiry dates, converting from a trial, adding more users to a licence or upgrading to obtain more features (e.g. Standard to Pro).

For more details on performing a resync please see : 


Replace an existing licence 

If you have purchased an upgrade or renewal and have received a licence email with new details, then you can replace an existing licence with the new details.

This process moves all the users from an existing licence to a new licence, updating the users with new expiry dates and allowing the use of new features (if applicable).  This can also apply to moving from a trial licence to a purchased licence.  If the replacement licence is a downgrade, then users on the licence will lose functionality.

The following table describes the licence types that are compatible:

Edition  Essential   Standard   Pro    Mobile  
Essential  ✓  ✓  
Standard    ✓  ✓  
Pro  *✓ *✓  

Only licences of the same type can be replaced, i.e. you cannot replace a windows licence with a mobile licence.

A Pro licence can only be replaced with a Standard or Essential licence providing none of the users are activated on a system which is Full Disk Encrypted and they do not have an FDE Login. You can always replace a Pro with another Pro licence.


To replace a licence, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the Licences panel.


  • Choose the licence you want to replace and click Tools, then Replace Licence.

  • The replace licence wizard shows a summary for the selected licence. This is the licence that will be replaced.


  • Enter the new details for the replacement licence.


  • The wizard verifies the new licence to ensure it is compatible with the licence being replaced.



  • The licence is then replaced and the users are moved to the new licence.  A new key-file will be posted for the users, ensuring their licence is updated next time EEE is synchronised. For details of how to synchronise the EEE client see:


  • The original licence can now be removed if it is no longer needed.



Migrate a selection of users to a different licence

If you wish to upgrade or downgrade a single user or a selection of users, then you will need to migrate the user(s) to an appropriate licence. The same compatibility rules apply as replacing a licence, please see the compatibility table in the 'Replacing a Licence' section above.

To migrate users to a different licence, follow these steps:


  • Navigate to the Licences panel, select the licence you want to migrate the users from and click Details.


  • Select the users and click Migrate Users.


  • The migrate users wizard is displayed, you can choose to move the selected users or all the users.


  • Select the licence you wish to migrate the users to. Only compatible licences will be displayed.


  • The users will be migrated to the selected licence. A new key-file will be posted for the migrated users, ensuring their licence is updated next time EEE is synchronised. For details of how to synchronise the EEE client see:


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