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Error 0xc02e0010 reported from licence wizard
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When using the licence wizard you may receive the error message "Your current licence is not a trial so cannot be upgraded with this licence.  Please contact your supplier if you require assistance.  Error occurred : 0xc02e0010".


To investigate why this error is occurring, first find which product type you have currently installed by right clicking the ESET Endpoint Encryption (EEE) tray icon and then clicking the About ESET Endpoint Encryption menu item. 

The Product Type is displayed in the about box as per the example below:


See the appropriate section below for the Product Type currently displayed.


Essential, Core, Standard or Pro

Click the More... button on the about dialog to see the Product ID of the currently installed licence.

If the Product ID displayed in the About box and the Product ID you are entering into the Licence Wizard do not match, then the licence you have been supplied is incorrect.  You should contact your supplier and ensure they have renewed or upgraded your existing licence as appropriate.

It is always recommended that the current licence is renewed/upgraded where ever possible.

If the Product ID in the about box and the Licence Wizard do match then please contact support detailing the error seen, the Product ID being used and a diagnostics file from the system in question.

If for some reason you are unable to obtain the appropriate licence, then it is possible to switch the installed licence.  However doing this requires decryption of any currently encrypted data to perform the upgrade, with the exception of any full disk encrypted system disks.  You can see details of this process below as detailed for Personal Edition installations. 


Personal Edition

If the product type is displayed as Personal Edition then you will need to switch the installed licence in order to use a different product type on the system. 

In order to proceed to switch product type you will first need to decrypt any data you have encrypted with the current licence.

Once that is done reset the current Key-File (which contains the Personal product type information) and setup as if the system was new with the new licence.

NOTE: It is vital that you have decrypted any EEE encrypted data before performing this process as it will not be accessible after the switch.

  • Firstly you will need to delete the current Key-File containing the previous Licence as detailed here: How can I delete a Key-File?
  • Once that is done the ESET Endpoint Encryption Login dialog will appear offering the Setup or Restore buttons.
  • Click the Setup button and follow the wizard steps to configure the system with the new licence details.
  • The setup process is detailed in the second part of this article, the software is already installed so that part can be skipped: Getting started with ESET Endpoint Encryption (Installation and licensing)


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