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Safe Start has prevented Full Disk Encryption starting
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ESET Endpoint Encryption (EEE) Safe Start is a pre-encryption test designed to ensure your PC will boot successfully once encrypted.

Under normal circumstances, Safe Start is initiated and your PC will be rebooted presenting you with a screen as shown below



Alternatively, Safe Start may appear like this with a workstation utilising a Legacy BIOS:

Note, the screen may also be blue or a lighter grey, depending on your version of EEE.


If the test does not run successfully, or sometimes does not run at all, then this will be reported as a preboot failure or incompatibility.


Did not run at all

If, after restarting your PC, it boots straight back to Windows without showing the above screen, then the EEE Safe Start check did not run at all.


Did not run successfully

If, after restarting your PC, you see the above screen but one of the following happens

- The countdown does not change and/or pressing a key does nothing

- Windows fails to start after Safe Start finishes running, a BSOD occurs or Windows enters Repair Mode

- Anything else that requires or causes the PC to need a reset or power off before Windows loads


In all cases, please run our Diagnostics app (KB29) and submit a support ticket.

Please include as much detail about what happened as you can, such as what was shown on screen during the restart.


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