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What are the encryption size constraints?
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The following table details the maximum file sizes of the various encryption features of ESET Endpoint Encryption.



Feature Maximum Size
Full Disk Encryption No limit1
Removable Media Encryption No limit1 + 4
ESET Endpoint Encryption Go Maximum size of 4 GB per file by Microsoft WebDAV services3
File Encryption (.dlp files) 2 Maximum size of 3.99 GB
Text and Clipboard Encryption Maximum size of 3.99 GB, this may be  further limited by the text container used
Archives (.dpk files) Maximum size of archive 4 GB, maximum size of individual files within archive 2 GB
Virtual disks (.mnt, .dlpvdisk) Maximum size of 2 TB on NTFS/exFAT drives, 4 GB on FAT32
Folder Encryption No limit1

1 No limit imposed by ESET Endpoint Encryption, Operating system/hardware limits still apply

2 Applies to file encryption, email attachments, ESET Endpoint Encryption Reader and ESET Endpoint Encryption Mobile

3 For more information on ESET Endpoint Encryption Go and increasing the WebDAV limitation please click here 

4 For more information on ESET Endpoint Encryption Removable Media constraints please click here 


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