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How do I restore my Key-File?
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If you have had a situation where your machine has needed to be re-imaged, you have bought a new machine but you still have encrypted documents which you need to access or your Key-File has been over written denying you access to your encrypted documents, you will need to restore your Key-File (providing you have taken a Key-File Backup and it is accessible) using the following steps.

  • With ESET Endpoint Encryption (EEE) installed, you will need to firstly log out of EEE by either double clicking on the EEE icon in the Notification Area (formally known as the System Tray) or right clicking on the EEE icon and selecting 'Logout'
  • Once logged out, the EEE icon will be grey. Now right click the EEE icon and select 'Key-File Utility'

Key-File Utility

  • You will now be presented with the following window.

Restore Key-File from Backup

  • Keep the 'Restore a Key-File from a backup location' option selected and click the 'Restore' button and when the next window appears navigate to the location of your Key-File and click 'OK'.
  • A window will appear asking if you wish to over write your current Key-File with the new Key-File, click 'Yes' and you will get a confirmation window appear informing you that the Key-File has been restored. Click 'OK' and you will now be able to access your encrypted documents.

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